Thursday, 3 September 2015

Press Quotes for 'Lost on Mars'

The Guardian.
“An extraterrestrial setting, alien characters, mind-bending mysteries … rooted in classic children’s literature … Lora is a beautifully realised protagonist: complex and convincing … These characters are swept up in a story that gets more mysterious as it progresses. Almost anything could be going on, and Magrs keeps us guessing with expert skill.”

The Telegraph – Best YA Books of 2015
A vivid extraterrestrial setting … this gripping sci-fi thriller is set on a futuristic Mars … It's also a novel about alienation. But watch out for the Martian flesh-eaters.”

The Independent – Best Summer Reads 2015.
A wonderfully written sci-fi adventure about a pioneer family on the desert plains of the red planet … Completely irresistible.”

Pictures from Edinburgh

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Starting work on the new book...

TUESDAY SEPT IST. Day One of 'Secrets of Mars.' It's consisted of rereading, reconstructing and breaking down the synopsis and taking oodles of notes on threads from the first book. Plus, help from Bernard Socks.

WEDNESDAY. Day 2 of 'Secrets of Mars' and that's the whole day spent rereading the first book and making masses more notes. And deciding on what the opening scenes of 'Secrets' will be. Bernard Socks still doing good helping.

Monday, 31 August 2015

Edinburgh Book Festival

All done at the Edinburgh Book Festival! Two lovely events for Lost on Mars, alongside Roy Gill and Teri Terry, both talking about their own wonderful books. Sold out audiences at both gigs! And a sold out lecture on Frankenstein and Brenda, too! Lots of fun hanging out in the Authors' Yurt, drawing and drinking endless coffee - and bumping into old friends and making new ones. Jeremy looked after me the whole time brilliantly as ever, along with Panda. I met David Almond again after years and years. I met the charming Piers Moore Ede for the first time, and I'm looking forward to reading his travel books - especially the one about hunting wild honey across the world. It was smashing to have some time with Roy and Russ, and then Dave Fitch last night. Also last night, I met one of my all-time musical heroes, and heard him play a twenty minute magical set in the Spiegel tent. I've been a fan of Nick Currie aka Momus for twenty five years and it was amazing to bump into him. (More amazing, when I introduced myself at the buffet table he replied, 'With a silent g?')

Monday, 17 August 2015

Some Pictures from Paris

We've done this wonderful holiday a few times before. The first week in August - and several hot, sunny days wandering around in Paris. Usually parks and galleries and cafes. Usually I do a little drawing - but mostly in the corners of the ruled exercise books that I'm writing in. But this time - during my year-of-drawing-every-day - I set about the business properly. I had all my paints and brushes with me and was intent on catching something of the atmosphere of the days we spent around Notre Dame and St Germain. Here are a few examples of what I got up to.

The colours of Paris turn out to be lime green, sandstone yellow and lilac blue. Everything comes mixed from those few shades. Apart from the blood-orange red of the cafe awnings.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Paintings at the Molly House during August and Pride

When I embarked on my year of drawing one of the places I really wanted to somehow capture was Canal Street and the Gay Village. Throughout 2015 I've made various pictures of the sights and scenes, in and out of the cafes and bars of this legendary locale.  The Molly House on Richmond Street is currently hosting an exhibition of some of my favourite pictures. These original paintings will be up for the whole of August, right through Pride and are available to buy at an extremely good price. (Two have already sold, even as they were going up!)

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Can you lend Peter a hand..?

Peter needs some help with a spot of proof-reading for his fiction. I told him if he wrote a little bit about himself and what he needs, I'd post it here, and he might get a volunteer...

"My name is Peter Keeley I have been writing for over ten years now
I have worked in theatre radio film and TV some of this work as been as an actor
I have Cerebral Palsy I am dyslexic so yes being a writer is harder then it need be
Because of the dyslexia I find spelling editing my work I have however been selling some crime fiction on Amazon. This is made possible by my family who help turn my somewhat unreadable draft into a working readable story of crime in early 20th Manchester. The first book is called THE STRANGE CASE OF ALBERT MITCHELL (The London Road Mysteries Book 1) there are two others of them out there at the moment,
 I could do with someone who was willing to take over my family’s role as I feel I’d like to be as professional as I can be, I don’t have much money now but as on Kindle the more you write the more you sell (all being well) Id hope this could somewhere down the line become a paid role."

Can anyone out there lend him a bit of a hand?