More from the Russell Harty Book

RUSSELL: You don't go to the theatre as much now. What do you do to occupy your time in other ways? Do you watch the box?

DAME SYBIL THORNDIKE: Oh, I do. I watch it tremendously. But I don't like it like the theatre. Don't you think I do.


DAME SYBIL: Oh no, I miss the theatre awfully. I do go to the theatre sometimes, but I'm finding it difficult to hear.

RUSSELL: What about watching television? What are your favourite programmes?

DAME SYBIL: My favourite programme? Basil Brush.

(audience laughter and applause.)

DAME SYBIL: Oh, I simply love him and...

RUSSELL: Why do you like Basil Brush?

DAME SYBIL: Oh, because he's so awful. That terrible laugh, and I'm afraid I get like him sometimes, and I find myself going 'ha ha-ha ha!'