Needing to Catch up...

I've just finished Mary Webb's 'Gone to Earth'... realising that I'd been holding my breath for the last several pages. What a stunning ending for a novel!  Somehow - stupidly - I always thought I'd never need to read Webb's novels - having read and reread Stella Gibbons' 'Cold Comfort Farm' which demolishes them so funnily and brilliantly. But 'Gone to Earth' is fantastic.

I realise I've fallen right behind with telling you about what I've been reading. I've been showing you snaps of where I've been, but not doing reviews at all. I don't feel much like writing long, serious reviews anyway... but i do need to tell you about reading Pamela Sykes, Diana Wynne Jones, Monica Dickens, Paul Gallico, etc. I've had such a wonderful adventure in reading, recently. You know when you hit those stretches of picking up one great thing after another? Will you bear with me, while I catch up?


  1. Please take your time!

    I saw a Pamela Sykes novel in Lewes the other day and my heart skipped a beat - but it was all about Brownies (as in Girl Scouts). Not a faceless figure in sight...

  2. Great list, Paul, and now I shall have to read Gone to Earth.

  3. Nick - i need to find you a copy of 'Come Back, Lucy' - you will love it!

    Lesley - I'm afraid so! I thought I'd never have to - but it drew me in completely.


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