Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Can you lend Peter a hand..?

Peter needs some help with a spot of proof-reading for his fiction. I told him if he wrote a little bit about himself and what he needs, I'd post it here, and he might get a volunteer...

"My name is Peter Keeley I have been writing for over ten years now
I have worked in theatre radio film and TV some of this work as been as an actor
I have Cerebral Palsy I am dyslexic so yes being a writer is harder then it need be
Because of the dyslexia I find spelling editing my work I have however been selling some crime fiction on Amazon. This is made possible by my family who help turn my somewhat unreadable draft into a working readable story of crime in early 20th Manchester. The first book is called THE STRANGE CASE OF ALBERT MITCHELL (The London Road Mysteries Book 1) there are two others of them out there at the moment,
 I could do with someone who was willing to take over my family’s role as I feel I’d like to be as professional as I can be, I don’t have much money now but as on Kindle the more you write the more you sell (all being well) Id hope this could somewhere down the line become a paid role."

Can anyone out there lend him a bit of a hand?

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  1. I'm willing to help him out. I've no pro experience proof-reading but I do this for friends quite often. Admittedly not with something as long as an ebook but still, I have plenty of free time right now.

    My email address is dantessier1984@gmail.com. Paul you could forward that to him, or Peter, if you're reading this get in touch.