Thursday, 10 August 2017

Just looking at the flyer for Levenshulme Pride and it's upsetting to think I'm going to be away for the whole thing! If I was here, I'd be at *everything* that's going on - Kate Bush Yoga and Wendy Orr's themed pies; Darren J Ruddick playing guitar, Rylan John Cavell's quiz show and the discos and the march and the karaoke and the spoken word stuff and Stephen M Hornby's play-reading... and drag queens and bbqs and Rebecca Cotter's tea party at Shine Hair... and male strippers and loads of other stuff. Instead I'm just gonna have to do my best and enjoy myself at the Edinburgh Book Festival.... I will do my *very* best to do a great lecture on Ray Bradbury and to read from my latest novel with Joan Lennon reading from hers... and to have a nice time seeing lovely friends - even without Jeremy Hoad and Bernard Socks ..! 

Last night, just before this busy weekend kicked off... we went to Central Library in Manchester and we saw the fab Gerry Potter perform. He was launching his new poetry collection from Flapjack Press. I drew him while he was doing his turn...

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