Monday, 11 September 2017

'Haddon Hall' by Nejib - reviewed on 'Writers Review'

Writers Review is a lovely blog run by three novelists, Linda Newberry,Adele Geras, and Celia Rees. They ask novelists to review novels they've loved recently... and today it's my turn, talking about 'Haddon Hall' by Nejib
'One of the reasons I love graphic novels is that they feel like someone has taken hold of a conventional novel and given it a bloody good shake. All the redundant words and phrases and padding and fluff and – especially – all the descriptions have simply fallen out. Leaving lots of lovely empty space.
'In ‘Haddon Hall’ – a fabular, fabulous account of David Bowie’s rise to fame as Ziggy Stardust by French-Tunisian artist, Nejib – there’s lots of that lovely space...'  (continues here...)

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