Getting Trolled by Ms Sneider!

I thought I’d blocked her…!
Actually, I’d assumed she was a false profile and some unseen foe was trolling me. But I really thought, after my page was briefly, dazzlingly hi-jacked by her yesterday that I had heard the last of Paula Sneider.
However…! I have just received a further surprising message from Paula Sneider - Prize-winning married-lady-author of male-on-male lightly sensual Romantic fiction, based in Marseilles, France.

(i drew a cartoon to replace the fake profile pic she'd stolen from someone! but here's her awful message)...

“More of this Tedious fellow’s endless self-promotion! He is not half so talented as he wishes to be and deludes himself oh-so-foolishly that you his unseen Facebook friends care a Monkey at all about his oh-so-dreadful posturings here on his horrible Facebook page.
I say to him, the fool: Who cares what you are doing in your Terrible life? At your advanced age you must stop and take stock of all your failings! You have no career. What you have is not worth anything. You might as well stop it all and leave everything to the new generation of People like me. Pass the mike, I say, foolish person!
Persist in your folly at your own peril!
No one cares! No one has your books.
No one ever buy your book.
I have your Book? If I have your book here in my hand, I wipe my ASS on it.
Please forgive my coarseness – friends of the deluded second rate writer whose page this is. I am not coarse lady. I am a very good married lady. Very good manners and oh-so elegant, yes. But is true. I wipe my offensive Ass-hole on pages such as his.
His book are nasty! Nasty book full of foul-lettered words! And sexy things! Sex things everywhere, men with men. Which of course is my own preference too in the reading and the writing of lightly Romantic sensual fiction but it is not FILFTHY.
I have no cocks! I have no assholes! Yes, I have no COCKS and ASSHOLES in my homoerotic lightly sensual fiction books! NO NO NO!
This tedious man with his Swearing and his nasty cartoons and his silly trivial adventures which are not serious enough to be of literary merit in the minds of sensible and Refined people – I do not think them worthy of all youre Essteemed attention.
Ladies and gentleman, followers of this tedious and loathesome narcissist, please click on my aforementioned name above and find my own page where you will find samples of my own much more fragrant and successful writing that his deluded nastiness. I live in Marseilles now and is nice. Perfect for the writing of the Light Romance.
I wipe my ASSHOLE on him! I come here to his page merely to tell you all that you are SO WRONG to enjoy what this fool of advanced years does! Who cares? Who care about you as well, you psychophants and deluded dreamers! You should read WHOLESOME and NICE homoerotic continental Romantic book written by a PROPER lady like how I am.
That is all. Please follow LINK above and read my beautiful books and rate and review them fulsomely thank you. Goodbye. That is All now.”

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