More from Ms Sneider! Unbelievable!

Sorry about this! It seems she’s reading all your comments on my posts. Paula Sneider, Homoerotic Lady Author of Marseilles, seems quite riled up now. This is the latest, below… (It seems she stole the photo for her profile from someone else – a minister of culture somewhere? Seems a bit unfair. So, I replace it here with a cartoon.)
“Psychophants and deluded followers of this Old Fool! You must listen to me! This person to whom this page belongs is not Devoid of Talent but you are all devoid of taste if you Asked me!
How you all leap to this Loathesome idiot’s defence!
What?! You call me Troll?
I am not Troll or a coarse lady I am refined MARRIED lady indeed.
You call me Twat? I report you! I will REPORT you all!
You say somesuch things about me not being real and being minister of culture in a Foreign Land and Whatnot? I am REAL! I am REAL LADY NOBELIST Writer and I live in Marseilles now, France WHERE is Nice, with my lovely husband of two months and six days.
I write wholesome and good books of Romance with male-on-male sensual content but not Deparved Filth like the one you are following with COCKS and BALLS and you are defending with your messages and your saying ‘Are you all right hun’ and cetera.
LeAVE this Narcissict be! He is not Worthy of your Attention!
His books?
Why, you should Wipe your ASSES on his books! Like how I do. AND my husband does, is nice French man and he wipe his hairy ASSHOLES on book too. (Not ebook though, is not nice.)
So save your sympathy and your attention for someone who is worthy! Who has proper Wholesome books. Click on the LINK above to see my page and order my books for reading at your leisure for by yourself. They are nice and good.
Not like this Tedious Self-Aggrandizer whose page you all rush on to defend. You DELUDED People! I am not COCK Womble or TWAT! (I know not what a cockwomble even is? What is it? I know twat of course.) I am a good writer with many many many five star reviews and suchlike. I do a course, too and offer services!
That is all. Goobye Goobye. Leave a Fulsome and fair review. That is All now.”

and then a little later:

Wow! Paula Sneider keeps on going...! This just in:
“I will NOT do Words a Favour and Stop using them!
I am a good and proper lady novelist with 5 star reviews Galore on amazon and other suchlike places and YOU can all suck my titties.
Also, I would like to say that I am not TOXIC.
Some of you are toxic and horrible and I don’t even want you to read my Wholesome Romances ANYWAY.
The rest of you should CLICK the link above to order and then leave a Fulsome and Honest review.
That is all.”
May be a cartoon of text
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