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Hello! This is the new blog of the British writer, Paul Magrs. Magrs with a silent 'g' and pronounced 'Mars' for those who don't know yet!

I write fiction for adults, YAs and children - in a variety of genres - fantasy, mystery, science fiction, magical realism - and sometimes a strange blend of them all.

Recent books:

666 Charing Cross Road (Headline)
The Ninnies (Obverse Books)

Iris Wildthyme

Enter Wildthyme
Wildthyme Beyond!

Brenda and Effie

Never the Bride
Something Borrowed
Conjugal Rites
Hell's Belles
The Bride that Time Forgot
Brenda and Effie Forever!

I write the Brenda and Effie Mystery series of novels - of which, so far, there are six. These are comic Gothic mystery adventures set in the town of Whitby on the North Eastern coast of England. They are essentially about Brenda - a 200 year old owner of a Guest House - who gets into spooky investigations with the help of her neighbour and best friend Effie, who owns the junk shop next door.

I also write the Iris Wildthyme series of novels. Iris is a time-travelling adventuress who roams the cosmos in her double decker bus along with her best friend, an Art Critic called Panda.

I write various other things - including tie-in Doctor Who audio adventures.

This blog is to let my readers and friends know what I'm up to - what I'm writing and publishing, and where I'm going to be, reading and signing and meeting people, on those days when I'm not writing at home. When I'm writing at home I'm in the constant company of our fantastic black and white cat, Fester - and occasionally brought cups of tea by my partner, Jeremy, who I've been together with for sixteen years now. We live in south Manchester and have been here for eight years.

As in my old blog, I'll also probably talking a lot about what I'm reading and watching and thinking about.

Please update your bookmarks and leave comments! I love getting them and hearing from readers. And, if you're into what I'm doing, please tell your friends and spread the word about my books. I need every one of those sales in order to keep on putting the stuff out there!

I've got a fantastically loyal and vocal readership... I love my readers - especially the Brenda and Effie, and Iris and Panda devotees.

Once you're on that Celestial Omnibus - you're on it forever!



My agent is Charlotte Robertson:

United Agents
12-26 Lexington Street, London W1F 0LE


  1. For a good romance novel try True's Love by TL Clark. It'll give you a warm reminder of a Summer holiday.

  2. Hi Paul, I just finished The story of Fester Cat and I am crying like crazy. These are good tears :) I am looking at my cat lying on my bed and I thin that they have a lot in common;) with all thoughts running by my head I want to tell you :Thank you! I will always remember Fester cat !!!

    1. Agreed! As soon as I read the part about Fester taking over the bedside cup of water, I thought "Been there!" I also cried like a baby at Fester's illness and passing. The book is an excellent tribute to (recollection of!) his memory though, so he lives on in the hearts of any who read his story!

  3. Hi Paul, I just finished your book the story of Fester cat. I am crying like crazy;) but these are good tears. I am looking at my cat lying on my bed and I think they have a lot in common;) I want to tell you Thank you!!!! I will always remember Fester Cat.

  4. I've been reading your Brenda and Effie books all through the summer, and thoroughly enjoying them. Loving the harmless intrigue and homely warmth of them all. With the occassional shocker slipped in !! More please . . .

  5. i just finished. lost on mars and it was absolutely fantastic! im dying to find out what happens. this was my favorite book of the year. any suggestion as to what i should read next?

  6. just finished lost on mars. hands down my favorite book of the year. incredible! dying to find out what happens next. any suggestions on nexr books i should read?

  7. Just reading Fester the Cat. Saw it listed in a cat magazine and had my local library order it in ...loving it half way though had a hard time putting it down last night . I just lost my 18 year old kitty this past year and another kitties who wasn't quite three..only had him 10 month. From your list of books it won't be the last book I read by you.
    Your Canadian fan


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