Thursday, 26 July 2012

Sunny Afternoons are for messing with paint

I've had this water colour set since I was fourteen! My Mam gave me it for my birthday back then, and it's still in use. It goes with me just about everywhere. Yesterday was blazing hot again - another day spent in the garden with my laptop, doing my daily words; novels and notebooks - and all the stuff  needed for messing about with paint. I've always loved those afternoons in summer when it's so hot the water colours dry in an instant - you can watch the colours lightening right in front of you.

Fester was dozing right next to me, of course, most the day.

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  1. Messy paintboxes are gorgeous in themselves. They should have a gallery devoted to them. There were a few old paintboxes in the Tate's Watercolour exhibition last year and everyone was oohing over the antique ones and ahhing over the ones they'd had...