Friday, 7 September 2012

Guest Review by Fester: A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen

Fester the Cat writes...


It's been a while since Paul's let me review anything on here. The last time was that book about the daft cat who kept getting on the bus by himself, or something. And then there was that once about the cat in the library? Anyhow, I've been getting a fair bit of reading done this summer, sitting down the bottom of the garden. I've sat on a few piles of books and stuff but it's been a while since Paul's told me to read something especially for his blog thing so I can tell you what I think.

This was pretty good. It's the best cat book there's been for a while, I think. And the important thing about it is that it's not, like, sentimental. Not like that one where the cat had already died and was sending letters from heaven in between the chapters. I mean, what was that about?

This one is about Bob who is ginger and lives down in that London, but never mind. He adopts this fella who's busking on the streets and sorts his life out for him, letting this bloke James get him medicine and stuff and sorting out his fleas and all that. Actually, all a bit like when I first moved in here with these two, and I let them think they were sorting out my life and getting me healthy and all that.

There's some pretty exciting stuff, in Bob's book - because he has a few near scrapes when he goes missing and runs off and there's a few disasters and that along the way. I got a bit - well, not worried exactly, but you know - concerned here and there. And there's some nice stuff about the problems that the human fella, James, faces, with drugs and selling the Big Issue and that. I do think there could be some more pictures, though - and I note from the cover pic that Bob's wearing a scarf a bit like the one I occasionally sport.

Anyhow - a big paws up from me,  Feline Book Critic Fester, for this one. It wasn't as mopey and soppy as these things sometimes are.

So there you go. I'm hoping I get some more stuff to review in the near future. Hey, maybe some of those cat crime books, where the cat does the murder-solving and all that. That'd be ace, I guess.

Ok. See you later.



  1. I hope Fester gets to review some of those cat crime books as well.