Saturday, 17 November 2012

Flash Seven - Lost Robot

Borusa – sooooo crazy with the Time Scoop. They called us in afterwards to clean up the mess. I’d never seen a Death Zone like it.

I had a right faff with the yeti. Turned out they were controlled by a disembodied intelligence? Operating via silver spheres in the beasts’ chest cavities? No one ever tells us stuff like that.

Met a few other waifs and strays from time and space. Up on the moors and scrubby wastelands several miles from the Tomb of Rassilon. All the poor sods who never got anywhere near playing the Game with the others.

We had to go round with a big lorry picking up Zabri, Voord, Mechanoids and Quarks. Each one requires their own special handling. No wonder they shut down the Death Zone and closed the Games. What a palaver!

Saddest case I saw. Big robot thing, sitting on a tussock of grass at the top of a hill. He didn’t move or flinch when we drove the lorry up to collect him.

‘Hello, chum,’ I said, trying not to look like a threat.

He swiveled round to see me. ‘They said Sarah Jane was here somewhere. Have you seen her?’ he asked hopefully.

‘Who?’ I said, wondering how we were going to fit this fella in with the rest. They don’t give us dimensionally transcendental lorries, more’s the pity. ‘What’s your name, chum?’ I flipped through the list on my clipboard. Of course, it wasn’t terribly accurate, what with President Borusa being out of control crazy when he went on his time scooping frenzy.

‘They call me The Giant Robot,’ he sighs, heavily. For a moment I can hear all the howling wilderness of the Death Zone rattling through his empty metal form. All the way down to his big blocky feet. I admit it, I feel a twinge of pity, which you don’t often do on jobs like this.

‘Why don’t you come with me?’ I suggest. ‘We can send you home again…’

‘But isn’t Sarah Jane here?’ he says. ‘Someone said she’d come this way? Isn’t she still here today? I would so love to see her again.’