Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmassy Day Out in Manchester

Rosie and Rhid arrived yesterday from Wales, for a trip round the Christmas Markets in Manchester. They came bearing home-made scones and pictures of their new kittens. Even though it rained a little, we had a really lovely day around the town - completely exhausting ourselves going to many of our favourite places.

We went to one of my very favourite bookshops - the eccentric and fantastic Paramount Books on Shude Hil. There's a sale on at the moment - including these poor toys lined up on the settee.

The day passed wonderfully in a blur of Rupert Bear annuals, hot sausages in mustardy ketchuppy barms, Spiderman comics and Baileys Lattes and Chocolate cake. Bliss!


  1. What a wonderful place - I want to go there! By the way, in case I forget later, can I take this opportunity to wish you, Jeremy, Fester and Panda, a most happy and enjoyable Christmas!

  2. The only problem with Paramount Books is its opening hours are as eccentric as its stock -- whenever I go there it always seems to be closed. Which is a shame, as any shop where you can find both Christmas On A Rational Planet and a hardback edition of the prefaces of Bernard Shaw's plays (two books I picked up on my last visit there) is worth spending all your money in.

  3. Yes, i wish it was open every time i went past!

  4. Thank you for a lovely day. We had a wonderful time! Isn't that bookshop the best? I like your photo of the piano far more than the one that I took! Just a pity that there weren't more botanical things. Although that may have been a good thing or I could have spent a fortune! x

    1. hi Rosie, it was a great day. There are many more secondhand bookshops nearby - next time you visit we'll hunt out some botanical tomes! x

  5. I walk past that bookshop on the way to town, it's only a few streets from my flat. Looks great--I've never been in, they seem to be open or closed on a whim but might have to duck in next time the shutters are up...