Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Irish Times Top Kids' Books!

Great news at the weekend that The Irish Times picked out 'The Ninnies' as one of the best books published for kids in 2012! Robert Dunbar's article is here!

And 'The Ninnies' is published by Obverse in a lovely, extremely limited hardback edition, with fantastic illustrations by Bret Herholz. Buy it on Amazon or here!

It's so good to get this recommendation - right at the end of a year that has been so incredibly difficult and challenging, both professionally and personally. I do everything I can to get my stories out there, into the world, and it's lovely to know that people are picking them up and reading them and recommending them to others. Thanks, Irish Times!

And thanks to all of those who've supported and bought and read my books, and been my friend this year.

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