Friday, 26 April 2013


I love this bit of graffiti on Canal Street. Actually, the photo's not so clear. Can you see who it is?

With all this talk of John Hurt on the 50th anniversary Doctor Who shoot, and speculation over who he might or might not be playing - I just think, I'd love him to be playing Quentin Crisp again - for the third time. I'd love the Doctor to meet Quentin in 1990s New York for some kind of very sedate adventure in Greenwich Village. (Ah, there's my next pitch...!)

Meanwhile - I'm busy writing about Fester, still. I have over two thirds of a book, suddenly, telling the tale of our six years with this amazing cat of ours - and all in his voice. It has a title - very simply: 'The Story of Fester Cat.' I'll let you know how it goes...

Today I'm still chuffed about all the amazing responses I got for my Times Higher Ed article yesterday. People are really taking it up as a blow on behalf of creativity against the deadening weight of spirit-destroying, box-ticking pissing contests.

Just this morning Neil Gaiman very nicely retweeted the piece to his many, many followers, so it seems to be picking up plenty more readers than I expected...

Here's his tweet - giving me the opportunity to link to the piece again...

@neilhimself: In which @paulmagrs writes the kind of email most of us only wish we could write:

Oh! and lovely Brian Cox: @ProfBrianCox: Highly amusing critique of the jargon-filled nobbery of impact assessment in higher education  "Should be required reading," he says!


  1. Ah! :) Sorry, should have guessed that. Anyway I look forward to reading The Story of Fester Cat. And your Times Higher Ed piece is spreading like wildfire!

    1. it certainly seems to be, Frances!