Friday, 3 May 2013

Final Word before Defriending

Here's a nice picture of the magnolia blossom in our garden.

Because the rest of my post ain't gonna be pretty.

It consists of my last words before defriending someone on Facebook.

"Don't make phobic jokes on Facebook that turn up in my newsfeed. I won't defriend you. Not right away. I'll spend ages trying to explain why what you've posted is offensive. Then you won't get it. You'll get defensive and cross and intransigent. You'll have friends turn up, convincing you you're being 'bullied' because someone is telling you not to be silly, and to think of the feelings of others. And then you'll revel in the attention and insult people and drag the argument on, tossing out insults and irrelevant remarks way after most people have stopped listening. And then I'll defriend you. And wish I'd done so straight away and never bothered trying to explain in the first place. Some people just can't learn."

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