Monday, 19 August 2013

Bernard Socks' Book Recommendation

Bernard Socks has got fine taste - especially when it comes to books about cats. Here he is devouring Esther Averill's wonderful 'Jenny and the Cat Club' - a sweet, vintage kids' book reissued by the New York Review of Books.

It's episodic and meandering and told quite chattily. The pictures were by the author herself and they have the spareness and verve of childrens' drawings. The rest of the NYRB childrens' books reissues seem to be very worth exploring - I've heard they've republished J.P Martin's 'Uncle' books. I wonder if I might put in a plea for Kathleen Tozer's 'Mumfie' stories? (another example of fabulous illustrations by an author.)

Bernard Socks' review:  Weeeeee-oooooh!


  1. Awwww he knows what he likes :-)

  2. He should definitely check out 'Six Dinner Sid'.