Monday, 25 November 2013

How was Who?

A good weekend was had round here, celebrating Dr Who's 50th anniversary. We had Jelly Babies and Prosecco for the main event - the Saturday night episode itself - and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Lots of things to enjoy throughout the weekend - from the bizarre live aftershow party to the spoof film the 80s Doctors made. I spent quite a lot of the time reading the large anthology of new short fiction, '11 Doctors, 11 Stories' (Why didn't they just call it The Puffin Book of Dr Who?!) - which I hope to blog about enthusiastically soon.

So it feels all a bit Boxing Dayish at the start of this week. We're still thinking about zygons and world peace; the numbering of Doctors and where Gallifrey might be hidden (remembering very well the brilliant revelation where it was hidden *last time*, according to Lance Parkin's novel, 'The Gallifrey Chronicles.')

Perhaps feeling like a little break from Dr Who... It's a bit like mince pies on Boxing Day and turkey on New Year's Eve. Nevertheless, today sees me back at work on 'The Annual Years', the chapters of which I'm writing out of order. At the moment I'm back in 1967...


  1. In my fanfiction thingy of the Time War back in 2008, I hid Gallifrey in a book in the TARDIS library called "The History of the Time War". But of course if they were going to do that, they'd already have foreshadowed it with an episode set in the TARDIS interior where such a book was given undue prominence...

  2. Just saw the 50th anniversary in 3D at the theater - to mix fan-idioms it was frakking awesome. My nerdly reptile brain wants answers about Ravalox, batty Timelocked Rassilon, Bad Wolf (maybe they should have time scooped her in for the last battle, for example. She did good for that game show space station...), how the previous Doctors knew the plan, and why Eccleston couldn't have done his bit, but for now, I'm enjoying the best multiple Doctor episode I can remember. And I can remember them all. Paul, I think some Block Transfer Computations may have done more than just duplicate the Pharos Project. After the Who overload subsides, how about some more Nest Cottage?