Sunday, 16 November 2014

'From Wildthyme - with Love'

It's a full year since this little beauty came out from Snowbooks. I just saw this lovely Amazon review, which encapsulates just what the book is all about - and hope will make you want to order it at once!

""LATER: Just as I thought. She's cloning dinosaurs and turning people into trees. Typical!"
Warm and irreverent, this book is a witty, whistle-stop romp through the hinterlands of a certain Time Lord's past adventures - as reinterpreted through the pie-eyed lens of Iris and Panda. As they tread joyfully and improbably – and without copyright infringement – Iris and Panda write pan-dimensional postcards to each other across the Maelstrom ("that mysterious region in which Space and Time are completely b***ered up"). The book itself is gorgeous - powder pink dust-jacket over a slim, purple hardback with silver lettering on the spine. Bravo Paul Magrs - it's a gift book that really is a gift of a book. Brilliant fun!"

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  1. My favourite christmas last year. This year l am sure it will be Fesfer!