Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Twenty Years of Writing Dr Who

This month it's exactly 20 years since my first foray into Dr Who fiction. It was 'Old Flames' in the very first volume of 'Short Trips.' How strange - all this time later and I'm still doing odd bits of Dr Who.
This month there's my story in 'The Missy Chronicles' and my audiobook, 'The Thing from the Sea.' There's also a story called 'The Runaway Hi-Fi' in 'A Second Target for Tommy.' And at the end of the month I'm flying to Regen Who 4 in Baltimore to be with a huge gang of Who people to talk about my writing and teach a couple of writing workshops. The Who world is a nice one to be a part of - even on the tie-in fringes!

Just picking out one story / audio / drama per year for the past twenty years I've come up with this List of Terror:

1998 – Scarlet Empress
1999 – Blue Angel
2000 – Verdigris
2001 – Stones of Venice
2002 – Mad Dogs
2003 – The Wormery
2004 – Suitors, Inc
2005 – The Wickerwork Man
2006 – The Horror of Glam Rock
2007 – Sick Building
2008 – The Boy That Time Forgot
2009 – Hornet’s Nest
2010 – Demon Quest
2011 – Serpent Crest
2012 – Grimmsworld / Chaos Makers (unreleased!)
2013 – Lady of Mercia
2014 – The Annual Years
2015 – The Peterloo Massacre
2016 – Baker’s End
2017 – Tales of Terror
2018 – The Thing From the Sea

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