Thursday, 24 May 2012

Mad Dogs

I just wanted to post this.  It's one of my favourite book covers ever - 'Doctor Who - Mad Dogs and Englishmen' from 2002. I still remember opening the envelope containing the print-off and getting a fantastic surprise. I was sitting in Velvet, a cafe bar on Canal Street in Manchester. I couldn't believe that the imagery was so exactly right for the book. 2001 was a strange, unsettling and in some ways horrible year - and my adventure with the pink poodles of Noel Coward as they pitted their wits against Doctor Eight was a very nice thing to have running through that year.

Anyhow - it's ten years later (!) and it's an exceedingly sunny day in Manchester and i'm working outdoors today. i just popped back to share this image with you - as i was adding it to all the others in my pages about the Doctor Who novels and audiobooks I've written over the years.  (It turns out I'd written even more Doctor Who stuff than I'd thought!)

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