Sunday, 3 June 2012

Fester the Cat's Facebook Fan Page

Our cat Fester now has his own Fan Page on Facebook!

Please join here -

We really don't know when Fester was born. He adopted us in September 2006. He kept popping by our garden and then nipping up the back steps into the kitchen to get fed. He was in a shocking, malnourished, mangy state. He'd clearly absconded from somewhere. We fed him up and took him to the vets. We got his sore, almost toothless gums sorted out. And we were told that, at that point, he was probably eight or ten. He was soon fine and healthy and the amazing cat we've known ever since. He's older and sleepier now and he's on a daily tablet for his thyroid, which he takes each morning with pate. He likes to sit on a chair outside the Beach House at the bottom of the garden, or sit on Paul's lap when's reading, or on the laptop when he's writing. He knows how to keep busy and he's never bored. Ungow!!

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