Sunday, 15 July 2012

Fester in a garden chair

Yesterday was sunny and dry, and Fester and I got to spend almost the whole day out of doors. For most of the day I was engrossed in Philippa Gregory's 'The Lady of the Rivers', which i am loving. It's only my second Gregory - after spending Christmas week with 'The Other Boleyn Girl,' and I'm enjoying this one just as much. I took some time out, though, to sketch Fester - dozing on one of his favourite perches.

Then, yesterday evening, I gave my reading at the City Library in Manchester - which was pretty well attended for a sunny Saturday evening. Thanks to Danny and the others at the library for organising it - and to everyone in the other libraries in the region that I read in this week. And cheers to everyone who turned up to see me and get their books signed and ask me questions.


  1. A truly beautiful watercolour! Thank you for sharing it on your blog!
    All the very best,