Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Autumn Reading

Autumn reading is always about a smattering of ghost stories - old and new. Some from an elderly Puffin, and some from a dark and crumpled 70s Fontana or Pan. Also, there has to be some Sherlock Holmes of some kind... and a children's classic you've never read - say, the Moomins in suitably autumnal mood. Plus one or two of those writing ladies who never let you down - say, Nina Bawden and Elizabeth Taylor. Perfect for these blustery, blue, and crunchy days. Nearly all of these were presents, too, at one time or another, which makes the heap of them even nicer.

I'm assembling a Christmas reading pile already - and that will be for November, I reckon...

Here's Fester and I yesterday, cooking dinner and starting on the first of the ghost stories with a glass of cold Cote du Rhone.


  1. Ooh - Blaming will be on my December pile as I've been doing a readalong with the LibraryThing Virago Group this year (I'm in the middle of The Wedding Group at the moment - marvellous stuff). Here's my upcoming reading:


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