Saturday, 27 October 2012

planning Hallowe'en

Here's Fester and I - yesterday teatime - at the end of a week that was, for many reasons, very stressful indeed. Not cos of work - work was heaven - sitting in my pyjamas at my desk, with strong coffee and Fester sitting right beside me. Writing new pages in the morning, revising second drafts in the afternoons.  No, the stress was all other stuff -and not worth going into right now.

Just now I'm thinking about Hallowe'en - and evenings of spooky films and pizza with friends - and also what I'm going to be doing here on my blog. I've been drawing up lists of favourite movies and books... so expect a few Top Ten Scary Films and Novels - and a lot of recommendations coming your way. I want to hear about yours, too!

And i guess i'll be raving about stuff I've been reading lately, too. Right now I'm coming to the end of Julie Cohen's 'The Summer of Living Dangerously' - a blissful romcom with a Regency theme. I'm absolutely loving it.

Anyhow - I thought I'd post this Dusty song, to get us in a haunting mood...

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