Friday, 9 November 2012

Doctor Who Flash Fiction

I've never tried to write Flash Fiction before. It always looked rather fun. Anyhow, this afternoon I found myself writing my first ever piece of Flash Slash. It's a Doctor Who story... and it made me think - it might be fun to write some more of these. What with the 49th anniversary of The Show coming up towards the end of the month... this might be a way of throwing some fictional confetti about.


Sarah Jane suspected that it was Harry Sullivan, rugged Naval medic and fledgling companion of that mysterious traveller in time and space known only as 'The Doctor' who was the cause of the affair that was later described as 'The White Space Conflict.' Harry - the chump - was chattering away as usual, and casually leaning against one of the control panels of the central console of the TARDIS. With one erroneous elbow resting against a sequence of flashing buttons, Harry effectively 'clicked and dragged' the entire contents of somewhere ghastly called the Land of Fiction, copying and pasting it, quite by accident, onto a portion of the island of Guernsey during the German Occupation of World War Two. 'Oh, Harry,' Sarah Jane cried, when she realised what he had done. 'What on Earth is the Doctor going to say about that..?'

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