Thursday, 1 November 2012

if you're Christmas shopping...

I hope you'll forgive a little self-promotion here, but now that everyone's about to start thinking about Christmas shopping, and all of that...  I thought I'd better do a blog post about all the stuff I've been busy bringing out this year! 

Here they all are! All are available in the shops or via Amazon, etc. Or direct from the publishers - Snowbooks in the case of 'Brenda and Effie Forever' and 'Wildthyme Beyond'; for 'The Ninnies' and Audiogo for 'Doctor Who - Serpent Crest.' (Thinking about it, Audiogo have also published their unabridged audios of 'Conjugal Rites' and 'Hell's Belles' this year, too.)
Looking at this lot it's been a busy year! And I can't even tell you yet about the new stuff I've been writing all through the year. It's been a trying, difficult year in many ways - but i'm glad I've got stuff out there for you to buy! 
So here - for your delectation! - are the adventures of Liza Bathory, literary vampire hunter in modern day New York in '666 Charing Cross Road'; here are the latest adventures of Iris Wildthyme and Panda on Hyspero in 'Wildthyme Beyond!' And there's my five-disc boxset of the most recent audio adventures of Tom Baker's Doctor Who and his loyal housekeeper, Mrs Wibbsey. 

What else? Ah, my macabre YA novel, 'The Ninnies' - about creatures who kidnap humans and various parts of animals in order to make them into crispy snacks. And - most recently - here comes the sixth novel in my spooky mystery series, 'Brenda and Effie Forever!' It's already getting some lovely reviews and tweets from loyal Brenda fans. I love the pictures people were posting when they laid their hands on their copies!

Last of all in this list comes the thing that I was finishing up writing at the very start of the year. It's Cosmic Hobo's new audio drama, 'Vince Cosmos - Glam Rock Detective', starring Julian Rhind-Tutt. It's a story and set of characters I've been wanting for ages to unleash upon the world. So here they are! In all their sequinned, glittery, stack-heeled glory! (Though this isn't officially available till January.)

So, that's the lot! I hope you'll be buying some of this lot to stuff into stockings for your loved ones - and some for yourself, too.

It's a tough business, keeping this writing thing together, in a scary and corporate world - especially when you don't have a big corporate publisher and a massive publicity budget behind you. We have to go on the road and get out there and post stuff online to let people know what we're writing and producing. But I'm proud and pleased I'm still out there - turning up and doing the stuff - and still writing about the characters i really, really want to. And I'm so proud of having fans, too. This year I've delighted in meeting more of them.

So - please do spread the word! Here's the stuff! Get buying!

And pretty soon I'll be able to tell you what's coming up next...!

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  1. I hope you're going to be O.K. (financially I mean). It must be such a worry, struggling to make ends meet. Good luck with it all.