Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Must Read Monday (Dec 3RD - late! i know!)

SENOR 105 Book One: The Gulf by Cody Quijano-Schell

"1970: Scientist, explorer and semi-retired Mexican wrestler Senor 105 returns to Mexico to discover the countryside is being overrun with a fresh influx of forbidden technology. He and his Parisian companion Shiela (a conglomeration of sentient Helium molecules) must travel to the Chicxulub Crater, traditionally the source of many menaces. They will have a hard time reaching the crater, as the Yucatan gang/cult the Terrible Kings don’t want them to reach it. Who is their leader and what is affecting the ocean’s tides? Who is the woman intent on obtaining a pair of silver antlers? Men made of gold, a sabotaged train and more mysteries from the depths of the Gulf!"

I'm halfway through this right now - the first in this delectable series of novellas about the science fiction adventures of a Mexican wrestler superhero. Cody's work is always surprising, sparkling and completely original!  And - look! - it's available on the Manleigh Halt e-books site at the moment for a cut price of 79p...!

Oh - DEATH CASTS NO SHADOW by P.G Larbalestier-  this lovely, lurid mystery novel i picked up in that very cold chapel bookshop in Whitby last month. Sorry the blurb is sideways - but what a blurb it is...!

And another sideway synopsis... and it's Barbara Euphan Todd's 'Miss Ranskill Comes Home' - which I've been after for years... I haven't read a Persephone book for ages, and it's about time i did.

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