Thursday, 17 January 2013

in the post today

Very exciting stuff in today's postbag!

First of all Facebook friend, bookish fella and all round good egg Chris Hinchley has lent me his copy of 'Space: 1999 Earthfall' by E.C Tubb!

Just two days ago I put out a general query on my facebook page about this particular tv tie-in. Someone had mentioned it (somewhere - i forget where! maybe on the Gollancz gateway sf forum?) They said it was a Space:1999 novel that leapt beyond the bounds of the source material - rewriting the pilot episode and providing a finale for the whole thing - generations after the original series was set. Of course my attention was caught by this - I love the idea of a novelisation galloping out of control and *finishing off* the story...! (Just imagine other series that could be finished off like this!)

Anyhow, in amongst a general discussion of Moonbase Alpha and tie-in books - Chris came to my rescue - and here it is! Vintage 1977 - published, appropriately enough, by (wildly eliptical?)  Orbit. Very much looking forward to this!

Our new, rather smiley postman also brought me my Big Finish subscriber's copy of the first in their second season of Tom Baker plays. This is the first to feature the late Mary Tamm, back in her role as Romana, alongside 1978's Doctor and K9 combo. I love the idea that they had *other* adventures, not necessarily tied to uncovering those tiresome pieces of the Key to Time. It's bound to be a bittersweet experience, this listen - and it's still hard to believe that Ms Tamm is no longer with us.

Ah - now, my other parcel is from Tor, who - having heard how much i've been enjoying my reread of volume one of the Julian May reprints - have sent me volume two, 'The Golden Torc.' Plus, a first novel I'm very interested in - 'The Trouble with Fate' by Leigh Evans - the blurb of which makes it sound like a very pleasing mix of humdrum and fey.

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  1. Some trivia that may amuse you, because you actually may know who this is!
    The woman on the left, who I believe was the nurse (?) in Space 1999 was my aunt! She was also in the original Star Wars movie, sat on Han Solo's knee in the cantina, kissing him when the arm was being cut off, but was cut out, though all the scenes are on youtube. She was also an early page 3 model, which balanced very nicely against her brother, my dad, the vicar.