Saturday, 5 January 2013

In the Post

A new arrival in the post from the US today!  The fabulous Janice Super-starum, who I met at TeslaCon in Wisconsin in 2011 sent this amazing surprise. It's amazing alt-universe Art Critic Panda! Complete with unbreakable transatlantic Martini glass...!

Here, both Fester and Panda greet the boggle-eyed arrival...

Couple of blog links to share with you today. Author of 'Skylanders' and many other things, Cavan Scott just reviewed '666 Charing Cross Road' very kindly here, and Stuart Douglas writes about the imminent 'Vince Cosmos - Glam Rock Detective' here.

And, meanwhile, Elizabeth Lefebrve of 'Strange and Random Happenstance' reviews her 2012 reading and includes a couple of my novels, including the Ninnies.

2013 has cautiously begun well - and it's gathering confidence! This week I've been back at my desk - and I've sketched out a whole bunch of pages for a new project. Plus, my reading has been fun so far. I just finished Fay Weldon's soapy Victorian Upstairs/Downton tribute act, 'The Habits of the House' - and thoroughly enjoyed it. And now I'm straight onto the latest Philippa Gregory. Next I hope I'll be thinking about my Doctor Who marathon.

What are you up to?

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  1. Yeah! Alt-universe Panda looks right at home.