no such thing as a free festival...

 i've said it before and i'll say it again. if you're organising a lit festival and you want professional authors to come and give talks, then you have to pay them like a professional. Unless it's an agreed thing for a charity. You don't suggest it would be good for me to do it for free in order to 'improve my profile' and you don't suggest handing round a hat for people to put money in, or even suggest that i take the money from the door. We agree a price beforehand and i come and do the gig. And if it's close by i don't even need travel and accommodation costs (though otherwise i do!) If all that's settled - i'll come and do a star bloody turn for you. But you know what? I'm a proper writer who makes not a great deal out of my books - and just like many other writers - I'm still trying to make a living. I'm not turning up to do free work because that's how i get my kicks. I'm not someone who doesn't need the cash. Just sort it out, will you?


  1. It must be heartbreaking to have your work undervalued in this way. Sadly, it's a sign of the times. The poorest in society are being hit with cuts to working tax credits, housing benefit and DLA - all disguised as much needed 'reforms'. And the media are lapping it up as a 'war on scroungers'. Some families with young children and disabled parents have seen their income cut by £500 per month!


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