Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Do you reread favourite books much?

I know that some of my most valuable and treasured reading is actually rereading. Most of my reading time is about the constant search for something new, something wonderful and something I haven't found yet. But some of the best times ever are spent returning to favourites.

The recent blog posts about World Book Day - and seeing photos of various people's favourite books from when they were kids has made me determined to pick out a heap of children's books for rereading.  i seem to have picked out the round number of nine...

Just looking at this heap of stuff - there are things here that are long overdue revisiting. Sylvia Waugh's modern classic 'The Mennyms'! Turns out that it's a full twenty years since i first read this novel. (It's about a secretive and possibly non-human family living quietly in a house somewhere in a North Eastern town. I won't give away their true nature here.)

I often write my name and the date I read a book on the first page - and so I know that I last read Michael Ende's 'The Neverending Story' twelve years ago. That's much too long a gap without returning - so on the heap it goes!

As a kid i never read E.L Konigsburg and so it was only in recent years Stuart Douglas told me about 'From the Mixed-up Files of Basil E. Frankweiler' - about the two kids who run away from home and camp out in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. It turns out that was five years ago, and I need to go back to it to appreciate again how brilliant Konigsburg is.

Pamela Sykes' spooky and strange 'Come Back, Lucy' was a find from last year - but I knew I would be rereading it before long...

Some of the others I haven't read since I was actually a kid - those Cave Monsters, those insects aboard the giant airborne peach... and that adventure on Mystery Moor!

This feels like a little bit of a holiday coming up. A holiday into the past...

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  1. Ah yes the Mennyms. I think they're moving - thoughtful about their feelings for each other and the day's predicaments. I like the way their time stretches.. time to just look out the window. The Magicians House books have that too, where the characters take time to gaze around. Then of course, sure enough, something strange or ordinary comes along to catch your attention..!