Friday, 12 April 2013

Fester and books

Fester loved a good recipe book. Actually, he loved any kind of book when it was open on the kitchen table. He'd scratch his whiskers and ears on the corners of the pages, and sometimes if you were reading with the book flat open, he'd come and sit right on the pages and stare into your eyes, as if now he was reading *you*.

In this picture he's having a look through a book of recipes published by Roald Dahl's family. It's a lovely book - full of food and happy memories - that Nick and Jon brought when they came to visit last December. It was a Sunday afternoon between Christmas and New Year - quickly planned and nothing more than a lazy lunch and then a film. But it was perfect - haggis and neeps and sherry and white wine. And then watching 'Mame!' together and laughing all the way through. Fester liked nothing more than everyone sitting together and watching films, and him sussing out which was the best lap to sit on. The roasted offal was pretty popular with him, too.

One of the happiest Sundays in recent times.

I hope everyone has a good weekend they're looking forward to..?

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