Sunday, 5 May 2013

Some Recent Reviews

Just a couple of reviews and things! Here's a link to a blog review of 'Resurrection Engines', edited by Scott Harrison and published by Snowbooks. It's my first appearance in a Steampunk-themed anthology!

The whole book gets a glowing review - link! - and here's what he has to say about my story in particular:

"Talented Witches by Paul Magrs is extraordinary. There’s really no other way to describe it. A semi-stream of conscious sprint through the history of the Bronte sisters, Haworth where they lived in Yorkshire and the Magrs family itself, it bounces and twirls around normal time and narrative structure in a way which will certainly frustrate some readers. Others will see echoes of the Brontes, Alan Moore’s Voice of the Fire and James Joyce. Obtuse, beautiful, heart-breaking and one of the most profoundly bizarre short stories I’ve ever read."

Also, 'Vince Cosmos - Glam Rock Detective', my feature length audio drama (with songs!) from Bafflegab Productions is still getting review coverage. The prestigious SF Signal reviewed it at length over here

"Bafflegab’s production works in magical symbiosis with Magrs’s writing, producing a top-notch product that entertains and amuses, with starry potential for future episodes."

Also on the subject of Vince - here's a recently broadcast radio interview with me on Resonance FM'S Panel Borders show, talking all about Vince and stuff.

Remember - any day now Big Finish will be releasing 'Doctor Who - The Lady of Mercia', my historical adventure starring Peter Davison and Janet Fielding among others. Here's further details and sparkly trailer  - plus details about ordering and downloading. 


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