Thursday, 23 May 2013

Taking my own Advice

The Fiction Doctor took his own advice yesterday - and went off into town in afternoon for a mooch about. Then I found one of my favourite places - the Molly House, on Richmond Street, back of Canal Street. I had some wonderful coffee and scribbled in my notebook for a while. Nothing earth-shattering... just a few pages about where I am up to, and gathering my thoughts a bit - and slowing down for an hour or two.


Here's something I shared on Facebook yesterday - and it's something I ought to post on here. It's an email you can cut and paste and keep - should an organiser of a literary festival (or any other kind of event, for that matter) ask you to work for free. When they write and say it would 'improve your profile' or it would be 'a lot of fun' for you to come and give a talk, or appear on a panel - for no money whatsoever - do feel free to tailor the following to your purposes:

I decided a little while ago - when I went freelance as a writer - that I would only do free gigs for charity (though I'd still need travel paying for.) The Society of Author's suggestion for a basic fee for an hour-long talk or appearance is £150. I assumed if you were already paying - as you say - for a high-profile Chair, then you'd be finding a way to pay *all* your speakers at least the minimum?"

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