Monday, 17 June 2013

Fourth Anniversary of this Blog... and a competition!

Bernard Socks is settling in so well! He's a very relaxed cat (apart from his Mad Half Hours, which sometimes happen right in the middle of the night.) Mostly though he likes to cuddle up on my lap while i'm reading.

I'll catch you up what what I've been reading in the next day or so (as well as giving you details of a reading i'm giving at the Didsbury Arts Festival next week, and making up my Year's BEST books at the rapidly-approaching halfway point in 2013...!), I just wanted to post a quick update in the meantime - because I realised that my blog is four years old..!

It really started in earnest in June 2009 in its old home on Wordpress - and all that seems a long time ago now. A great deal has gone since then - and i've read quite a few books in that time, too. I've also written quite a lot, too! In that time I've published the second half of the Brenda and Effie books, and all the Audiogo Tom Baker Doctor Who audiobooks - fifteen of them! I've gone freelance as a writer in that time - and had the idea for and helped start the Green Carnation Prize. Obverse books has sprung up all down to the amazing efforts of Stuart Douglas, and they've published a few stories of mine - including my kids' book, 'The Ninnies.'

I must admit, there have been some *awful* times personally in those last four years - but there have been some brilliant ones, too.

But the blog is there like a lifeline throughout - and it's become the place where i talk about what i'm reading, but also where I share my news with my readers. I've got such a great bunch of readers - very loyal and quite vocal - in person, on facebook and on here. I love hearing what you've got to say!


I thought I'd run a little competition to celebrate four years of my blog. I'll send a signed copy of the most recent novel, 'Brenda and Effie Forever!' to the winner. I want you to tell me what your favourite blog post of mine was - on this blog or the previous one - and tell me why it was your favourite. My favourite answer gets the prize! (And if you've already got the book, we'll figure out getting you something you don't have.)


  1. Hmm, a tough choice, Paul. I like anything you post about your reading and writing, (especially about your habit for reading more than one book at a time, and the one about writing down conversations in cafés and charity shops – both habits we share!)

    But I think this one is probably my favourite:

    Because it reminds me of a time when I hardly read anything without 'Doctor Who' in the title. A time when it was still uncool to like the programme, and was therefore like carrying a secret that most people didn’t understand!

  2. My favourite post has got to be 'The Stones Of Spookiness'. I came across the blog doing a little search for pictures of the Rollright Stones after watching The Stones Of Blood (again).

    The photo of the Penelope Lively books at the end put me straight onto Amazon as I love rural magic/ myth stories set in the English countryside.

    Anyway since then Ive got a lovley collection of 1st edition ex-library books from Mrs. Lively and it lead to other books like 'Mirror of Danger', 'Stone of Terror' etc.

    The post lead me to have had a lovley few months reading stuff that has led on to influence the paintings that I do, 'The Wicker Bitch' being the last one:-)

    On a different note I thought you might like to give this music a listen,,

    its magic stuff!!!
    Hugh xx