Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Fiction Doctor is in!

Remember - the Fiction Doctor's here for all your 

critiquing needs! 

Details here 


'Paul was a brilliant tutor during my years at UEA all that time ago. He helped me to see the adventure in the writing, to have fun creating my first published novel, Happy Accidents. He also enabled me to stop fretting about what I *thought* a writer should be writing about. You know, those *big* stories. The big stories are the little stories. I finally saw that. Paul will help you over those humps, he'll allow you to see the big picture on your small screen. He'll also help you enjoy the sparks 
that will happen on the journey.'

Dr Tiffany Murray

“A fiction critique from Paul is both positive and insightful. It may be a matter of pointing out flaws that you already know are there, but won't really believe or try to fix until a professional tells you so, or it may be a matter of observing and clarifying your story in ways you had never even considered - either way, your story and your writing will come out of the experience much stronger.”

Aaron Starum.

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