Wednesday, 25 September 2013

My First Afternoon Play on Radio 4 - Next Week!

215pm on Thursday 3rd October! That's when 'Imaginary Boys' - my first Afternoon Play on Radio 4  - goes out and I'd be pleased as anything if you listened in. It'll be on Listen Again on the BBC website for a full week afterwards, too.

It's all down to Producer and Director Scott Handcock that it's come this far and has been commissioned, produced and is ready for broadcast. I've heard it and I'm very proud of it. The cast are fantastic. I hope you enjoy it!

The new Radio Times makes it one of the day's top choices and gives it a lovely review. And there's even one of those edge-of-page illustrations - this one by Stuart Manning and perfectly fitting the play.


  1. OFF topic (sorry): I'm an admirer of your Dr Who literary work and audio dramas. Do you think there is any possibility to adapt to audio(Big FInish) the books The Scarlet Empress, The Blue angel and Mad dogs and Englishman?? Like they did with Love and War NA

    Specially TSE and Mad Dogs, two of my fav EDAs. I would be chuffed to bits to hear them in the voices of Paul McGann and Katy Manning (I adore Katy's Iris!)

  2. Its a date. I'm holidaying all this week in a cottage on Lindisfarne so it'll be a good way to spend the afternoon snuggled up with a cuppa.

    Sorry to report but you've been Remainder'd!
    I was able to pick up the first four CDs of Serpent's Crest at The Works for £4 each (3 for £10). There were also some Hornest's and Demon's available so hopefully it'll bring more attention your work. I also got a Torchwood CD and a 10th Doctor original story read by Catherine Tate.

    It's going to be a good week's listening.

    Oi Spaceman!

  3. Great to hear your news about the afternoon play. And a sidebar in the RT too - coo!