Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Responses to 'Imaginary Boys' from Gaiman, Gatiss and RTD

Neil Gaiman's just Tweeted about 'Imaginary Boys'! -

 @neilhimself: .@BBCRadio4 is doing some really interesting things these days. Tomorrow's Paul Magrs radio play looks wonderful: 

And Mark Gatiss has just tweeted, too:

@Markgatiss: Jill Halfpenny, spaceships & young love! Tune in to R4 at 2.15 pm for 'Imaginary Boys' by the mighty @paulmagrs

And after it was broadcast Russell T Davies dropped director Scott Handcock and I a line to say that it was 'brilliant' and 'beautiful' and to demand 'More!' 

That's just one of a whole host of messages we've received via Twitter and Facebook from all kinds of people who loved this play. Thanks, everyone! 

You can listen to it here for the next week. 


  1. That's wonderful!! Congratulations Paul!!

  2. Just listened and loved it, well done for the plaudits from the famous!