Saturday, 28 December 2013

How's Everyone Doing?

I hope everyone's been having a good festive season?  i thought I'd post my Christmas Day drawing - of our tree and our golden reindeer. I do so little drawing these days, compared to how much I used to. But I love it when I do.

I'm looking forward to 2014 for all kinds of reasons. And I've been thinking of things I'm going to do with my blog, too. I hope my regular readers liked my serialised Christmas story. I'm thinking of maybe  trying out some new stories on you like that in future. What do you think? Which characters would you like to see again..? And what kind of stories? Let me know!

I'll also be reading lots and hopefully telling you about all those books, too. Mostly I just want to keep it all going. i love having a blog and putting up just what I like. It reminds me of being in Junior School and making up my own school magazines and begging my poor teacher to print copies on the school bander machine (with that smudgy, strong-smelling purple ink.)

I love getting your comments and emails, too. Keep them coming! And let me know what you're doing, and writing, reading and drawing. And let me know about your blog, too, if you have one. I'm very chuffed to have regular readers on here.

If I don't see you - or post here - before next Wednesday (though i'm sure i will!) - Happy New Year!


  1. Hi Paul. Would love to see more Mrs Wibbsey adventures in 2014 and, of course, Brenda and Effie. Going to re-read these two's novels again this year. Love these books so much. Cheerio, Steve

  2. I remember those junior school magazines. Be worth a small fortune today!