Thursday, 19 December 2013

New Books by Favourite Authors

Another favourite category of reading. This is about catching up on the latest books from my roster of favourite writers. It’s also about dipping into the backlist of other favourites and finding something I haven’t discovered yet. Fortunately, there’s been time and space for both kinds this year.

Another list of books that could easily have featured in my overall top ten for 2013.

I realise I’m recommending a lot of books this year…! It’s been a good year for burying myself in books.

The Midnight Fox – Betsy Byars; On the Flipside – Nicholas Fisk; A Cottage by the Sea – Carole Matthews; Dear Thing – Julie Cohen; The True Secret of Writing – Natalie Goldberg; Geniuses Together – Humphrey Carpenter; Roast Mortem – Cleo Coyle.

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