Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Writers new to me in 2013

It’s not a proper year’s reading unless you’ve discovered writers you’ve never read before. Rereading is all very well, but you’ve got to make lots of time to listen for new voices. This year I’ve tried my best and the list is quite long… To avoid repeating myself I’ll miss out of this list those books that will appear on my overall favourites-of-the-year.

This year I’ve been pleased to read these books by these writers new to me:

One Moment, One Morning – Sarah Rayner; The Wheel of Ice – Stephen Baxter; Dark Matter – Michelle Paver; The Age of Miracles – Karen Thompson Walker; Secrets of the Tides – Hannah Richell; Happily Ever After – Harriet Evans; A Conspiracy of Alchemists – Liesl Schwartz; New York Christmas - R.J Scott ; Ali McNamara – Step Back in Time; Ghost Hunters - Neil Spring

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