Friday, 31 January 2014

A New Reading Challenge Idea!

Thinking today about a Reading Challenge I was talking to Stuart about last night. Now I'm obsessed with the idea of choosing a big popular novel for each year of the twentieth century and zigzagging through all the genres. (Making sure, too, that they're all available for free on Gutenberg, at least for the earlier years.) It started out as an idea for Stuart - but then I got into the idea of having a go myself. Now we're thinking of doing it in tandem. 

For me, it'd be a great chance to finally get to some books that I've always meant to read - and perhaps to construct a picture in my head of the twentieth century through its popular fiction classics, rather than just the literary classics narrative that I got through doing literature degrees.

So who's with us? 


  1. I saw that thread on Stuart's FB and thought it looked a great idea. Assuming I can get this draft of my latest book done without my brain melting, I'll have a go myself.