Sunday, 16 March 2014

What They Say About 'The Annual Years'

Three ‘Doctor Who’ luminaries have been kind enough to read early copies of my book, ‘The Annual Years.’ This is what they said about the book, which is available for pre-order and out in May from Obverse Books.

‘For all DOCTOR WHO fans of a certain age, the World Distributors DOCTOR WHO Annuals hold a certain appeal. What's wonderful about this book, is that Paul Magrs loves the Annuals ... he loves them with insight and passion, and yet he's not afraid to also see them for what they were. Theirs is a strange, parallel world to the television series, full of outrageous concepts and baffling conceits, but Paul navigates it with ease, and channels the love and passion that these books elicited in their owners. No Christmas was complete without the DOCTOR WHO Annual, and Paul makes us realise why...’ - David J Howe, author of ‘The Target Book: A History of the Target ‘Doctor Who’ Books.’

‘Funny, but never cynical, impeccably researched, but never dry, The Annual Years is the definitive story of the Doctor's wildest adventures, and essential reading if you remember the time when Doctor Who at Christmas meant Sinister Sponges, Neuronic Nightmares and a Universe Called Fred.’ - Neil Perryman, author of ‘Adventures with the Wife in Space: Living with Doctor Who.’

‘Paul Magrs’ insightful and delightfully witty guide to the strange and unsettling other universe of the Doctor Who Annuals demonstrates a deep-seated affection for these books of decades past. Quite simply superb!’- Paul Scoones, author of ‘The Comic Strip Companion - The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to Doctor Who in Comics: 1964-1979.’

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