Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Reading update - and a Hundred Years Announcement...

Recent reading update: I'm still taking in lots of recent best sellers. The Storyteller - harrowing, but livened up by semi-comic / romantic present day FBI sub-plot; Rooftoppers - Carnegie short listed and slightly pretentiously written tale of acrobatic teenagers eating rats in Paris; 'Whiskey Beach' is Nora Roberts slightly below par and overlong, though still entertaining; 'The List of My Desires' - thinnish frenchy novel about a lovelorn secret lottery winner. Reads like something tossed off by Michele Roberts on  a bad day. Loving 'Love, Nina' at the moment, though - letters from a slapdash home help in literary London - a world which seems romantic and bohemian from the outside, but is revealed as a bit naff, like most things happily were, back in 1982.


My announcement today is that our 1903 book in our Hundred Years of Paperbacks reading marathon is…


It’s something I’ve always wanted to read. Stuart and I will be blogging about it at the end of the month. If you want to read along with us, here’s a link to a free e-copy courtesy of  good old Project Gutenberg.

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