Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Advent Day 10 - Engines of War!


Somehow in the early part of the year George Mann sat down and wrote the Doctor Who novel we’d all been waiting for. Set slap bang in the middle of the ghastly cosmic ructions of the Time War, this novel extrapolates from the bits of info we got about the ‘missing’ John Hurt incarnation in the TV Fiftieth Anniversary special and tells a rollicking good tale of its own. It’s Daleks and Time Lords a-g-go. Plus, it returns us to one of my very favourite Dr Who places – the Death Zone on Gallifrey – where it’s all swirling mist and mountains, zombie Gallifreyans and things called Degradations… What I love most of all is that it’s a novel set exactly between the old series and the current show. We see moments and meetings that we’ve all vaguely imagined – and here we get to see them happening (as it were) ‘live’…  This book is the best of both worlds for the old and new at last – and, quite deservedly, has been a great success. But where on earth is the novel series continuing the story from where this one leaves off…? We need to know what happened / happens / is happening next…!

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