Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Advent day nine - The New Arrival

THE NEW ARRIVAL by Sarah Beeson

Here's a lovely memoir I read back in the spring - one written by one of my favourite UEA students from back in the day, along with her mum - and all about her mum's early years as a student nurse in London. I confidently predicted a great success for this one - and I was right. Here's what I wrote back in the earl part of the year:

"It’s a very warm, touching memoir. It never becomes misty-eyed with nostalgia or sentimentality and I think this is a result of the quality of the writing but also Sarah’s gumption and determination to inspire others to the same or similar work. The book is saying that nursing is hard physically, intellectually and emotionally, and the reader feels throughout that we’re being told this by someone who has never for a moment lost her passion for that work."

And the good news is that the sequel is on its way, early next year!

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