Thursday, 2 July 2015

Drawing Every Day - Six Months In!

It's six months since I started up this whole project of drawing - and finishing a drawing! - every single day of 2015. It's become such a huge obsession this year. I've learned such a lot, and relearned such a lot from the days when i just drew happily and never really thought about it.

In some ways the biggest thing i've learned is - spend a little longer. Let yourself enjoy doing this. It makes you happy and, if you let it, that shows in the picture.

I've also learned not to think about it too much.

Anyway, the twelve pictures here are significant ones for me from the last six months. They might not be the best, and they're not even presented here in order (some of them are dated, though.) I hope they show some kind of progress, or evidence that I've been learning and exploring with my cheap pens, pencils and paint.

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