Monday, 17 August 2015

Some Pictures from Paris

We've done this wonderful holiday a few times before. The first week in August - and several hot, sunny days wandering around in Paris. Usually parks and galleries and cafes. Usually I do a little drawing - but mostly in the corners of the ruled exercise books that I'm writing in. But this time - during my year-of-drawing-every-day - I set about the business properly. I had all my paints and brushes with me and was intent on catching something of the atmosphere of the days we spent around Notre Dame and St Germain. Here are a few examples of what I got up to.

The colours of Paris turn out to be lime green, sandstone yellow and lilac blue. Everything comes mixed from those few shades. Apart from the blood-orange red of the cafe awnings.

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  1. Paris is my favourite city - you make me feel quite homesick!

    Marjorie and the crew at DashKitten