Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Grandma Guignol!

Listen to Anne Reid as Brenda and Effie - for free..!

"It's Like American Horror Story meets Hettie Wainthrop!"  - Ian Hayles. 

Here's a new podcast from Bafflegab which they (and I!) would very much like you to subscribe to. We promised you'll love it.
Here's Bafflegab's introduction...

Today we’re launching our very first podcast: Grandma Guignol. 

Told over eight weekly episodes, it’s the story of a strange new landlady in the seaside town of Whitby: a lady with a tall black beehive, nasty scars about her person and a very chequered past...

Some of you might recognise the description as being uncannily similar to The Brenda and Effie Mysteries, a series we released a couple of years ago, starring Anne Reid and written by Paul Magrs.

That’s because that’s exactly what this is! Despite getting great reviews, and picking up Gold at the New York Radio Awards, almost no-one heard it. So we’re hoping to give it a new lease of life as a podcast. If it gets enough listeners, then we’re also hoping that maybe we’ll be able to make another series. 

But it's all down to you. We need you to subscribe on iTunes, and get us up the charts. Please, please do... every subscriber counts!

Subscribe here:

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